Long-term growth
partnership with Nomtek

Long-term growth partnership with Nomtek

The story

Nomtek is an established mobile app and XR/AR agency from Poland. Their old website was a bottleneck stopping them from achieving the growth they wanted. Old website made everything difficult - from simple content updates to launching new pages for marketing campaigns.

Work was needed across strategy, brand refresh, web design, Webflow development and ongoing maintenance.

Scope of work

I teamed up with Nomtek on a retainer basis as a Webflow Developer & web design consultant.

We identified many areas of work across Nomtek digital presence. This included:

  • introducing modern and scalable web design
  • empowering Nomtek team to quickly iterate on their website thanks to Webflow services without waiting for developers
  • providing ongoing Webflow support for more complex tasks and pages
  • Webflow training services for other team members
  • designing and developing brand new Nomtek website in future that will scale, perform and look way better than the current one.

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The impact

Thanks to my involvement Nomtek could:

  • update the website and launch new pages quickly
  • dramatically improve the quality of design & development for their current website
  • prepare for long-term growth and the complete overhaul of the website
  • start creating strategic consistency across different growth channels
  • raise the knowledge of Webflow among their internal team

Looking into what’s coming

We have done a lot already but we are not stopping there. We are now creating foundations for a completely new replacing the legacy Webflow website done poorly.

This will allow Nomtek to reach different heights and have a consistent and powerful web design system. This means freedom for marketing team to utilise the website the way they want at the speed they want.

Collaborating with Ben is a pleasure. Ben has been solid support for us. We had confidence that Ben would help us “get things done”. With his experience and skills, he is the person who can adjust the appropriate solution to the problems taking into account business aspects and time limitations. We highly appreciate all his suggestions, especially convincing us to the CMS panel which saved us a lot of time. Ben is a very friendly and positive person - we work together in a very good atmosphere and the whole team liked each other immediately.

Profile picture of Lukasz Kincel
Lukasz Kincel
Head of Innovation at Nomtek
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