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Hi there, I’m Ben! I create interfaces for digital products, which solve problems and improve business value.

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Few Words About Me

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Well I could probably also write about the software I use, but let’s be honest - that’s probably not the reason why you decided to go to this page (although this website would not be full without mentioning that I absolutely love Webflow). So let me write a few things about what type of a guy I am instead.
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I try to throw my ego out of the way both in professional and private space. I am always eager to learn from other people and their feedback.
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I love traveling to new places. But above all, I love visiting Scotland. If you’ve ever been to Scottish Highlands, you probably already know why.
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For many years I wanted to be a sport commentator. That changed a bit but I do enjoy watching some good football. If you play Fantasy Premier League - let me know.
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I’ve been a music freak for as long as I can remember. I spent countless hours playing guitar, digging vinyls in music stores and going to gigs.
Also let me know if you figured out the ending of Twin Peaks..

Things I Can Help You With

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Get better business results and expand your online presence
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Design modern, responsive and usable website or app interface for your business
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Turn the design into a fully functional website with the help of Webflow
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Cooperate with you or/and your team to better respond to business problems with design
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... or do the same as a part of your internal design team
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Here's what my Clients say!

paul e. langley
CEO, I-insureme
"I am very pleased with the landing page design that Ben put together for our company. It was obvious from the start that he took time to understand exactly what we wanted the message to be. He did not simply take the verbiage I wrote - he took the time to view our site, our other landing pages, videos, etc. - time that none of the other designers took (this was an online contest for a landing page). I look forward to continuing to work with Ben for future design needs."

Recently Kept Me Busy..

As well as some projects I cannot share here due to non-disclosure agreements :)

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