Ben Celiński - UI / UX Designer

I create modern and meaningful interfaces for digital products to help your business attract new customers and keep current ones.

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Selected Projects

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2019 - 2020
Ergo Digital Products
Range of design services for Ergo Digital IT
Mynine Pregnancy Blog
Expert pregnancy blog for mothers
Rethinking traditional recipe app model
There is always some bigger need than just a good-looking product. And I do my very best to help us discover what that is and implement it in my design.

Recreated in Webflow

Aside from client projects, I often recreate great websites in Webflow. This allows me to grow both as a designer and Webflow developer ensuring that I can actually build fully functional website without relying on other developers.

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These sites are recreated only for educational purposes. All rights belong to their respective owners.
An icon of an eye, tech
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allbirds, e-commerce
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elyon legal, law
Here I learn as much as I can about the project - business goals, target audience, technology and budget limitations and many more. Knowing the context is crucial to come up with a sensible solutions to the problems we have defined during this phase.
research & brainstorming
Here I analyze how the competitors and other companies tackle the similar problems. I define the task flows as a scope base for future designs. If we have enough time/budget it is always helpful to include additional user research at this point.
I gather all the inspirations into a moodboard and define a visual style for a product. Then I start designing specific screens and interactions. This is a highly iterative process, so ongoing communication and feedback is very important to tailor the design to your specific needs.
I can help taking the design a step further and creating a live, functional website using Webflow. This ensures that your website is up and running and you will not need to hire external developer to do the job.
I deliver all the needed assets in your preferred way. We will talk about anything that concerns you or is not entirely clear with the handoff and further website maintenance so you will not feel lost afterwards.

Here's what my Clients say!

paul e. langley
CEO, I-insureme
"I am very pleased with the landing page design that Ben put together for our company. It was obvious from the start that he took time to understand exactly what we wanted the message to be. He did not simply take the verbiage I wrote - he took the time to view our site, our other landing pages, videos, etc. - time that none of the other designers took (this was an online contest for a landing page). I look forward to continuing to work with Ben for future design needs."

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