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Expert pregnancy blog for mothers & expecting mothers

UI/UX Designer

Project Overview

Mynine is a group of writers and medical professionals determined to create a trustworthy online blog for mothers and expecting mothers. I designed initial screens as a part of a design contest and took it further to create meaningful design for a mid-size expert blog.

Brief & Kickoff

I was given a detailed brief with some branding guidelines. Mynine wanted a way to merge their warm look and feel branding with an expert vibe. The big challenge was to bring these worlds together and incorporate Mynine branding in a way suitable for site’s purpose.
Mynine moodboard

Project Goals

The main goal was to deliver a high quality information to mothers & expecting mothers in a usable, logical way. I applied The Jobs To Be Done framework to identify the task flows that users expect to perform on the website. This made sure all future designs were result-oriented and directly responded to users' needs.
Mynine task flows

Information Architecture

After identifying the main task flows I began working on the website structure. I made sure to include multiple touchpoints where users can be directed to related articles or Mynine shop. Those elements together with clear navigation structure aimed to make the website engaging and easy to use at the same time.
Mynine sitemap


I researched many blogs and pregnancy blogs along the way. Final designs utilize blog best practices and adjust them to the specific needs of a mid-size pregnancy blog.
Figma workspace with lots of different versions and ideas ;)


All pages were designed with usability and conversion in mind. The website has a clear navigation and is easily scalable across all devices. There are multiple lead generation touchpoints where users can go to Mynine store to buy relevant pregnancy items.

Smooth readability across all devices

Article page while scrolling up and down
Article page on mobile
Scroll inside the laptop
Image of a MacBook Pro
Article page on desktop

Clear topic categories and easy search

Category page and search on desktop & mobile

Building Trust

Home Page and About Page

Final Style Guide

Lessons Learned

Designing information architecture and navigation structure for blogs is difficult. What works for a big blog may not work for a mid-size blog. Reverse is also true.
Smooth readability across all devices is absolutely essential for the blog. Good reading experience makes us focus on the content and increases average time spent on the website.
Using The Jobs To Be Done Framework is a great way to always design with your customer’s goals in mind. It is very useful to utilize this to steer project ideas in the right direction.

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