Moving Britenet away
from the Wordpress hell

Moving Britenet away from the Wordpress hell

The story

Britenet is one of the leading software development outsourcing companies in Poland. They have been struggling for years with an old Wordpress website which had more issues than this post can handle.

An outdated and badly designed website with lack of clear messaging was losing Britenet potential clients. I led the majority of design and development process to rebuild the website from the ground up fixing these issues.

Scope of work

I have been a main designer and Webflow Developer for the majority of the project.

This was a very big project with lots of different business and technical considerations. The key part lied in the strong discovery phase. This allowed us to identify the pain points and align on the company strategy that Britenet needed to fix the broken messaging on the old website.

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The impact

Based on our learnings from the strategy phase, I created a brand new design for Britenet’s new website. This acted as a base for a broader brand refresh across all digital channels.

Thanks to my involvement Britenet can now enjoy a modern website that is driving new business and providing good user experience.

The website is also built in 3 languages using Weglot as a translation management tool. This allows Britenet to save countless hours in managing the content for 3 separate markets.

Looking into what’s coming

The project was finished by Maciej Wojtak, a talented Webflow Developer from Poland.

Britenet will continue to utilise the solid Webflow base created at the time of our cooperation. New website allows them to explore new ways of improving the workflows of marketing, sales and HR departments.

I have worked with Ben for almost a year and I am sad that he has chosen to develop his career in a different way. Ben has shown a fantastic approach towards project realisation. I was always amazed by a few alternative solutions that have always popped up when there was some kind of challenge. He is the person who always does his research. User-centric orientation, focus on details and straightforward critical thinking were the traits I valued the most when it came to Ben. What is also worth mentioning any discussion was an intellectual pleasure.

Profile picture of Marta Siedlecka
Marta Siedlecka
Head of Design at Britenet
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