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Powerhouse Webflow website for Inkblot

The story

Inkblot is one of the leading mental health companies in Canada providing mental health support to 500+ organizations and more than 1 million employees.

Rapid growth of the company required a strong, modular and maintainable website to make sure the marketing team has everything they need to facilitate that growth.

Scope of work

Inkblot trusted me to deliver a top-quality Webflow website that will be a key asset for their marketing team.

These are the services I provided and keep providing to Inkblot:

  • top-quality modular and sustainable Webflow development for the new website
  • multilingual website serving customers in English and French
  • Webflow training services for marketing team members
  • custom hub in Notion for ongoing Webflow support (incl. task management and custom library of training resources)
  • integrating analytics, Hubspot and Intercom Messenger to work with the website
  • advanced on-page SEO optimization
  • advanced accessibility enhancements
  • small custom JS fixes to further improve the maintainability of the website

Looking for a long-term Webflow partner?

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The impact

Thanks to my involvement Inkblot could:

  • get rid of the old legacy website and have a world class website that enables them to scale further
  • dramatically improve the quality of development for their current website
  • quickly add new content to the website without waiting days or weeks for developers to make simple updates
  • ship new pages or websites much quicker than before thanks to clean and modular development structures
  • raise the knowledge of Webflow among their internal team
  • serve their users in 2 languages and optimize the content for it
  • make sure the website is highly optimised to be accessible for as many different users as possible

Looking into what’s coming

We have a continuous partnership with Inkblot to support their efforts in making the website powerful for marketing team and accessible to users using assistive technologies.

I support Inkblot on a retainer basis to make more complex updates, ship new websites and implement further accessibility enhancements that will support even more users.

Our team is extremely lucky to work with Ben on one of our biggest projects of the year. Right from the start, we knew we made the right choice - Ben was extremely thoughtful in gathering requirements for the project, asked the right questions, made sure he understood our goals and constraints, and provided very helpful video walkthroughs of his proposal and and recommendations for how to best collaborate together remotely. He is outstanding at asynchronous updates and communication, and provided us with the systems and tools we needed to maintain an effective and efficient workflow. His builds are high quality and scalable. Most importantly, Ben is not just technically strong, but also an amazing human to work with!

Yiwen Sim
Yiwen Sim
VP of Product at Inkblot
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