New Webflow Website in
collab with Shapemaker

New Webflow Website in collab with Shapemaker

The story

Ava’s platform offers a straightforward way to take control of your finances, so you can feel secure and thrive—focusing on your credit score.

I teamed up with Shapemaker - one of the leading brand studios and a Webflow Enterprise Partner to develop Ava’s website on Webflow as a part of a larger rebrand.

Scope of work

Shapemaker team did an incredible work on a complete brand identity overhaul for Ava across all touchpoints.

I joined them as a Lead Webflow Developer and my responsibilities included:

  • high-end Webflow development of a new website using a documented framework (MAST)
  • close collaboration with the design team
  • ongoing QA

Looking for a long-term Webflow partner?

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The impact

Ava now has a complete new brand that capture the essence of their identity. A brand that makes people feel comfortable, assured, and taken care of, in an industry fueled with mistrust, fear, vulnerability, and uncertainty.

The website and the brand work will allow Ava to scale their business by reflecting the key points above.

The team on the project: Alexander Diner, Sarah Dallas, Aaron Romero, Corey Moen, Gillian Grefe, Nathan Holthus, Micah Allen, Kenzi Quigg and me

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